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The Farallon Islands Nuclear Waste Dump Site (FINWDS), approximately 30 miles west of San Francisco, California, received at least 500 TBq encapsulated in more than 47,500 containers from approximately 1945 to 1970. During several seasons in 1986/87 deep-sea bottom feeding fishes (Dover sole = Microstomus pacificus; sablefish = Anoplopoma fimbria;(More)
Radioactive nitrogen-13 from nitrite (NO2-) or nitrate (NO3-) administered intratracheally or intravenously without added carrier to mice or rabbits was distributed evenly throughout most organs and tissues regardless of the entry route or the anion administered. Nitrogen-13 from both anions was distributed uniformly between plasma and blood cells. We found(More)
In 40 patients believed to have deep venous thrombosis, bioscintigrams performed with I-123 fibrinogen were available for comparison with either contrast venograms or I-125 fibrinogen uptake tests. If either contrast venography or the fibrinogen uptake test was accepted as a standard for comparison, the accuracy of bioscintigraphic imaging was 90%. Most(More)
67 Background: Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) is an Ontario government agency which drives quality and improvement in the delivery of care and the patient experience for the Ontario cancer system. Person-Centred Care (PCC) has been identified as a goal from the recent Institute of Medicine (IOM) report and as a corporate strategic priority at CCO. As an initial(More)