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Collaborative Learning attracts attention as a new teaching method for its effectiveness of acquiring various skills. Recognizing the limit of current design of personal computer (PC) for collaborative learning in face-to-face environment, the authors have proposed a computer system called Socialized Computer (SC) that allows multiple users access to the(More)
Nowadays, e-Learning has been used in many kinds of educational insititutes as a regular learning/teaching system. In the real practices, Educational knowledge management among the relevant organizations is quite important. This means " knowledge in universities circulated-systematic process " of finding, selecting, organising, distilling and presenting(More)
In this paper, the concept of organizational knowledge circulated management system on e-Learning is given with the foundations such as organizational collaboration in a university, and facilities and contents in the center for developing e-Learning. As parts of the system, we have developed mentoring system and methods to construct effective contents from(More)
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