Naomi Mohar

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  • N Mohar
  • Acta dermato-venereologica
  • 1980
A family genealogy, comprising four cases of familial multiple lipomatosis, making their appearance one after the other in three generations is reported. Two cases with impressive clinical features are presented in detail. This report contributes to the opinion that the disease is transmitted by the autosomal dominant route of inheritance.
The authors have examined ultrasound echograms and photographs of the skin and subcutaneous tissue changes in some skin diseases, reporting their findings. In spite of the preliminary clinical casuistry, this quick, simple and painless technique without irradiation hazard to the patient shows the advantage relating to the other techniques, routine(More)
OBJECTIVE Here we examine the diagnostic utility of the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) approved Spatula + endocervical brush combination for the BD SurePath Pap Test (SPPT) and compare it to SPPT collection with the broom alone or to an off-label combination of broom + EC brush. This question is important due to lingering concerns over the value of(More)
Using the ultrasound technique of visualization (grey-scale technique) and a method of 'water bath', the authors obtained echograms of plastic indurations of the penis. The echograms can be immediately photographed and interpreted. By their quick, painless and simple performance, without contrast medium and hazardous irradiation, the authors gain an(More)
Case history of five members from the same family is reported. They developed papulourticarial pruritic rash on the skin of their torsos and extremities during their summer stay in an old family house. The cause was an insect determined as Sclerodermus domesticus, known for its parasitism on larvae of a wood pest. Examination of the furniture revealed a lot(More)
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