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BACKGROUND We have examined the relationships between the measured properties of breast tissue and mammographic density and other risk factors for breast cancer, using breast tissue obtained at forensic autopsy and not selected for the presence of abnormalities. METHODS We used randomly selected tissue blocks taken from breast tissue slices obtained by(More)
To date, consideration for parametric failure of LED products has largely been focused on lumen maintenance. However, color shift is a cause of early failure for some products, and is especially important to consider in certain applications, such as museum lighting, where visual appearance is critical. Field data collected by the U.S. Department of Energy's(More)
Understanding the evolution of influenza A viruses in humans is important for surveillance and vaccine strain selection. We performed a phylogenetic analysis of 156 complete genomes of human H3N2 influenza A viruses collected between 1999 and 2004 from New York State, United States, and observed multiple co-circulating clades with different population(More)
Several microRNAs have been implicated in human breast cancer but none to date have been validated or utilized consistently in clinical management. MicroRNA-301 (miR-301) overexpression has been implicated as a negative prognostic indicator in lymph node negative (LNN) invasive ductal breast cancer, but its potential functional impact has not been(More)
We formulate a risk-averse two-stage stochastic linear programming problem in which unresolved uncertainty remains after the second stage. The objective function is formulated as a composition of conditional risk measures. We analyze properties of the problem and derive necessary and sufficient optimality conditions. Next, we construct two decomposition(More)
We consider the problem of optimizing a portfolio of n assets, whose returns are described by a joint discrete distribution. We formulate the mean–risk model, using as risk functionals the semideviation, deviation from quantile, and spectral risk measures. Using the modern theory of measures of risk, we derive an equivalent representation of the portfolio(More)
The National Library of Medicine's (NLM®) MedlinePlus® is a high-quality gateway to consumer health information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other authoritative organizations. For decades, NLM has been a leader in indexing, organizing, and distributing health information to health professionals. In creating MedlinePlus, NLM uses(More)
BACKGROUND Since the discovery of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) twenty years ago, AIDS has become one of the most studied diseases. A number of viruses have subsequently been identified to contribute to the pathogenesis of HIV and its opportunistic infections and cancers. Therefore, a multi-virus array containing eight human viruses implicated in(More)
Modern plant use and garbage disposal practices in an Iranian village were observed in order to provide a framework for the interpretation of plant remains from ancient Malyan, a third millennium B.C. urban center in southern Iran. The ethnoarchaeological model suggested that many carbonized seeds originate in dung cake fuel. By applying this proposition to(More)