Naomi Lyons

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The reliability of the Functional Independence Measure for Children (WeeFIM) was examined in 37 non-disabled children and 30 children with disabilities, from 12 to 76 months of age. The WeeFIM is derived from the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) and includes 18 items involving six functional subscales. Stability was assessed by administering the WeeFIM(More)
Impairments in willingness to exert effort contribute to the motivational deficits characteristic of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. The current study evaluated the psychometric properties of 5 new or adapted paradigms to determine their suitability for use in clinical trials of schizophrenia. This study included 94 clinically stable participants(More)
Among the most significant advances in the care and rehabilitation of severely brain injured, minimally-responsive patients (MRP) has been the development of standardized assessment scales. Currently available instruments include the Coma/Near Coma Scale (CNC), Coma Recovery Scale (CRS), Sensory Stimulation Assessment Measure (SSAM), and the Western Neuro(More)
  • Balyasnikova Iv, R Metzger, Franke Fe, Conrad N, Towbin H, Schwartz De +29 others
  • 2010
Isolation of Bartonella vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii genotype II from a boy with epithelioid hemangioendothelioma and a dog with hemangiopericytoma. Crandell DE, Weinberg GL. Moxidectin toxicosis in a puppy successfully treated with intravenous lipids. Hemodilution does not alter the coronary vasodilating effects of exogenous or exogenous nitric oxide. of ACE(More)
Accepted – – –. Received – – –. ABSTRACT We consider the spatial offsets of short hard gamma–ray bursts (SHBs) from their host galaxies. We show that all SHBs with extended–duration soft emission components lie very close to their hosts. We suggest that NS-BH binary mergers offer a natural explanation for the properties of this extended–duration/low offset(More)
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