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The <i>Educational Data Scientist</i> is currently a poorly understood, rarely sighted breed. Reports vary: some are known to be largely nocturnal, solitary creatures, while others have been reported to display highly social behaviour in broad daylight. What are their primary habits? How do they see the world? What ecological niches do they occupy now, and(More)
discrimination. The response of the Tutor to mistakes will depend on the user's ability, with intervention becoming less frequent and less detailed as the student progresses. At the time of writing, the overview space and browser are operational, but the tutoring component is still to be implemented. Conclusions Developers of computer-based tutoring systems(More)
Radiological interpretation and diagnosis involves the comparison and classification of complex medical images and is typical of the categorisation tasks that have been the subject of observational studies in Cognitive Science. This paper considers the affinity between statistical modelling and theories of categorisation for naturally occurring categories.(More)
Lead poisoning among workers processing lead sheathed telephone cable was identified at five worksites. High blood lead levels (BLLs) were identified during the medical evaluation of symptomatic workers following employer mandated air monitoring and through employer mandated blood lead levels. Once high BLLs were identified, governmental agencies became(More)
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