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The circulation of substandard medicines in the developing world is a serious clinical and public health concern. Problems include under or over concentration of ingredients, contamination, poor quality ingredients, poor stability and inadequate packaging. There are multiple causes. Drugs manufactured for export are not regulated to the same standard as(More)
BACKGROUND Resource-limited settings rely on sputum examination using microscopy to diagnose tuberculosis (TB); however, the sensitivity of the test is poor and case detection rates are low. Sputum induction is proposed as a way to improve sample collection and enhance test sensitivity. OBJECTIVE To undertake a systematic review of studies comparing(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether developmental synaptic pruning defects in epileptic C1q-knockout (KO) mice are accompanied by postsynaptic abnormalities in dendrites and/or spines. METHODS Immunofluorescence staining was performed on biocytin-filled layer Vb pyramidal neurons in sensorimotor cortex. Basal dendritic arbors and their spines were reconstructed(More)
BACKGROUND Scaling up treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is a global health priority. However, current treatment regimens are long and associated with side effects, and default rates are consequently high. This systematic review aimed to identify strategies for reducing treatment default. METHODS We conducted a systematic search up to May 2012(More)
A survey of 16-21 year old people in Somerset was undertaken to find out about their sexual behaviour prior to mounting a local education campaign on AIDS. A representative sample of 400 people, using quota sampling in 40 randomly selected electoral wards, completed a schedule structured part self administered questionnaire. Of these, 371 (92%) considered(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is increasing in high human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevalence settings, with high associated mortality. Treatment outcomes in HIV-co-infected adults and children are poorly documented. OBJECTIVE To systematically assess treatment outcomes among HIV-MDR-TB co-infected patients. (More)
Effective medicines exist to treat or alleviate many diseases which predominate in the developing world and cause high mortality and morbidity rates. Price should not be an obstacle preventing access to these medicines. Increasingly, drug donations have been established by drug companies, but these are often limited in time, place or use. Measures exist(More)
The rapid action of the long acting beta agonist formoterol allows it to be used as both a preventer and reliever in the management of asthma. The Symbicort® SMART dosing regime has been shown to reduce the number of asthma exacerbations. The aim was to determine the current prescribing of Symbicort®, the prescribing of the SMART regimen and the(More)