Naomi F Bramhall

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Low frequency sensorineural hearing loss (LFSNHL) is an uncommon clinical finding. Mutations within three different identified genes (DIAPH1, MYO7A, and WFS1) are known to cause LFSNHL. The majority of hereditary LFSNHL is associated with heterozygous mutations in the WFS1 gene (wolframin protein). The goal of this study was to use genetic analysis to(More)
The inner ear contains the developmentally related cochlea and peripheral vestibular labyrinth. Given the similar physiology between these two organs, hearing loss and vestibular dysfunction may be expected to occur simultaneously in individuals segregating mutations in inner ear genes. Twenty-two different genes have been discovered that when mutated lead(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the auditory, vestibular, and retinal characteristics of a large American DFNA11 pedigree with autosomal dominant progressive sensorineural hearing loss that first impacts the low- and mid-frequency auditory range. The pedigree (referred to as the HL2 family) segregates a myosin VIIA (MYO7A) mutation in exon 17 at DNA residue G2164C(More)
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