Naomi Elliott

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BACKGROUND The quality of a research study is a key issue for clinical practitioners committed to the delivery of 'best-practice' patient care. With the increasing use of grounded theory in nursing research, attention is now focusing on the quality of studies using this research methodology. Indeed, within the growing body of grounded theory in nursing some(More)
1. The interaction at tachykinin receptors of a series of novel cyclic hexapeptides has been examined by use of radioligand binding assays (NK1 and NK3 sites in rat cortex, NK2 sites in hamster urinary bladder) and functional pharmacological assays (guinea-pig ileum, rat vas deferens and rat portal vein for NK1, NK2 and NK3 receptors, respectively). 2. The(More)
AIM To report a case study that identifies how leadership is enacted by advanced practitioners in nursing and midwifery and differentiates between clinical and professional leadership in advanced practice. BACKGROUND A national evaluation of advanced practitioners in nursing and midwifery was commissioned to inform policy makers' decision-making about(More)
AIM To report a study designed comparing the roles, responsibilities, and perceived outcomes of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Clinical Midwife Specialists, and Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Ireland. BACKGROUND A clinical career pathway that encompasses progression from staff nurse or midwife through clinical specialist to advanced practitioner level was(More)
The use of group projects as an assessment strategy is increasing in popularity in education. However problems can arise if members of the group do not contribute equally to the process and required outcome. Self and peer assessment has been advocated as one means of overcoming the problem of ;free riders'. A review of the literature would suggest that the(More)
AIM To report the factors that influence clinical specialists' and advanced nurse practitioners' ability to enact their clinical and professional leadership roles; findings from the SCAPE study. BACKGROUND The importance of leadership for specialist and advanced practitioners is highlighted in the international literature and is considered an important(More)
BACKGROUND The role of the clinical nurse/midwife specialist and advanced nurse/midwife practitioner is complex not least because of the diversity in how the roles are operationalised across health settings and within multidisciplinary teams. This aim of this paper is to use The SCAPE Study: Specialist Clinical and Advanced Practitioner Evaluation in(More)
AIM This paper reports a study conducted to explore how nurses working at advanced practice level in chronic and acute care outpatient contexts responded to decision-making concerns in clinical practice. BACKGROUND Current theoretical explanations of clinical judgement offer insight into how healthcare professionals process information; however, they are(More)
With increasing numbers of children and adults receiving bilateral cochlear implants, there is an urgent need for assessment tools that enable testing of binaural hearing abilities. Current test batteries are either limited in scope or are of an impractical duration for routine testing. Here, we report a behavioral test that enables combined testing of(More)