Naomi C. Tyler

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Reports on the influence of dietary crude protein on male broiler breeder fertility are not consistent, and therefore an experiment was conducted to determine the effect of three isoenergetic diets containing 10.5%, 12.6% and 15% crude protein, respectively, on Ross broiler breeder male fertility from 26 to 41 weeks of age. Feed allocation was the same for(More)
Competition in the global marketplace has triggered a push for diversification in the American workforce. Newspapers publicize these efforts with headlines like “Toyota Earmarks $8 Billion for Diversification Efforts” (Barboza, 2003). Media attention has similarly focused on the need for teachers from historically underrepresented groups (Jan, 2003) and the(More)
The objective of this work was to define precisely the response curve for photoinduced luteinizing hormone (LH) release in feed-restricted meat-type (broiler) breeder females and to compare it with the photoperiodic response curve for advance in age at first egg (AFE). Birds with a mean body weight of 2.0kg at 20 weeks of age were transferred from an 8 to a(More)
1. To determine if selection for early response to photostimulation could be successful, 150 male broiler breeders were photostimulated at 8 weeks of age. The first 20 to produce a semen sample and have a reddened comb with an area > 10 cm2 were selected as responders (R) and 20 birds that did not show these signs of sexual development were chosen as(More)
________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract Male broiler breeders were photostimulated at different ages (56, 77, 98, 119, 147 and 161 d) during the period of growth prior to achieving sexual maturity to observe their response to photoperiod stimulation. Birds were sampled at regular intervals to measure the(More)
Four cohorts of urban women who delivered a child before reaching age 18 were followed for periods ranging from 6 to 12 years to determine use of abortion and sterilization. The two more recent cohorts had been served by comprehensive service programs. About 40 per cent of each of teh groups used abortion or sterilization to control fertility. Most of the(More)
1. Broiler breeder males were reared on 8-h photoperiods, transferred to 12 h at 20 weeks, and either maintained on 12 h or further transferred to 14, 16, 18, 20 or 22 h at 40 weeks to determine whether reproductive status and the timing of the onset of adult photorefractoriness is influenced by photoperiod during the breeding cycle. 2. No photoperiodic(More)