Naomi C. Chesler

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The clinical and neurodevelopmental features are presented of four children--two sibling pairs--who were exposed in utero to valproic acid. One of each pair of children presented for diagnosis and assessment of developmental delay; the other sibling was examined at a later date. Three of the children were globally developmentally delayed with marked speech(More)
Passive (papaverine induced) and active (spontaneous pressure induced) biomechanical properties of ischemic and nonischemic rat middle cerebral arteries (MCAs) were studied under pressurized conditions in vitro. Ischemic (1 h of occlusion), contralateral, and sham-operated control MCAs were isolated from male Wistar rats (n = 22) and pressurized using an(More)
Improved mentoring of women graduate students and young faculty is one strategy for increasing the presence, retention and advancement of women scholars in engineering. We explore the sociological literature on interpersonallyand institutionallygenerated gender roles and dynamics that make the construction and maintenance of mentoring relationships(More)
Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a rapidly fatal disease in which mortality is typically due to right ventricular (RV) failure. An excellent predictor of mortality in PAH is proximal pulmonary artery stiffening, which is mediated by collagen accumulation in hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension (HPH) in mice. We sought to investigate the impact of(More)
Mice are a widely used animal model for investigating cardiovascular disease. Novel technologies have been used to quantify left ventricular function in this species, but techniques appropriate for determining right ventricular (RV) function are less well demonstrated. Detecting RV dysfunction is critical to assessing the progression of pulmonary vascular(More)
Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is associated with structural and mechanical changes in the pulmonary vascular bed that increase right ventricular (RV) afterload. These changes, characterized by narrowing and stiffening, occur in both proximal and distal pulmonary arteries (PAs). An important consequence of arterial narrowing is increased pulmonary vascular(More)
PURPOSE To compare pulmonary artery flow using Cartesian and radially sampled four-dimensional flow-sensitive (4D flow) MRI at two institutions. METHODS Nineteen healthy subjects and 17 pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) subjects underwent a Cartesian 4D flow acquisition (institution 1) or a three-dimensional radial acquisition (institution 2). The(More)
We previously demonstrated that chronic exposure to intermittent hypoxia (CIH) impairs endothelium-dependent vasodilation in rats. To determine the time course of this response, rats were exposed to CIH for 3, 14, 28, or 56 days. Then, we measured acetylcholine- and nitroprusside-induced vasodilation in isolated gracilis arteries. Also, we measured(More)
The electromyogram (EMG) signal has potential as an indicator of stimulated muscle fatigue in applications of functional electrical stimulation (FES). In particular, it could be used to detect near lower limb collapse due to the associated muscle fatigue in FES-aided standing systems and thereby prevent falling. Surface EMG measurement, however, is hampered(More)
Increasingly, first-year engineering curricula incorporate design projects. However, the faculty and staff effort and physical resources required for the number of students enrolled can be daunting and affect the quality of instruction. To reduce these costs, ensure a high quality educational experience, and reduce variability in student outcomes that occur(More)