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Early-onset type 2 diabetes is associated with marked visceral obesity and extreme insulin resistance, but its pathogenesis and response to treatment are not completely understood. We studied physical fitness, whole-body and hepatic glucose turnover, and insulin secretion in young obese Irish subjects before and after 3 months of aerobic exercise training.(More)
Setting: Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH). Method: Two wards at Brighton General Hospital were under pharmacist-control of warfarin dosing and three wards remained under the care of doctors. Data was collected for 11 months and a total of 33 patients were recruited into each arm. Results: Pharmacists prescribed more appropriate(More)
Prolonged veno arterial extracorporeal bypass (50-80% of cardiac output) was evaluated in normal, unanesthetized sheep. The evaluation protocol included serial measurements of hemodynamics, pulmonary and renal function, serum enzymes to detect organ damage, and detailed studies of coagulation and platelets. Blood exposure surfaces were primarily polyvinyl(More)
The in vitro stability of porcine factor VIII (PF VIII) was evaluated when it was reconstituted with sterile water (PF VIIISW ) to ≈ 30 U PFVIII mL(-1) , as per the manufacturer's recommendations, and stored in plastic syringes at room temperature, with and without heparin and at four different dilutions. PF VIII was prepared antiseptically without laminar(More)
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