Naomi A Avramovitch

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BACKGROUND Stents seeded with genetically modified endothelial cells (EC) may provide an attractive therapeutic modality for treating vascular diseases by combining the mechanical properties of the metallic stent with the biologic activity of native or genetically engineered ECs. The clinical feasibility of implanting seeded stents depends on the ability to(More)
The use of cardiac resynchronization therapy in patients with QRS prolongation (left-sided interventricular conduction delay) and symptomatic (New York Heart Association class III and IV) heart failure despite optimal medical therapy is well established. This case report describes the use of cardiac resynchronization therapy to treat symptomatic congestive(More)
The morphometric characteristics of atrial natriuretic peptide-containing granules were studied in atrial myoendocrine cells of rats with aorto-caval fistula, an experimental model of congestive heart failure. A total of 6680 granules of control and aorto-caval rats were analyzed by a computerized image analysis system that evaluated the number and(More)
Right-sided prepectoral implantation of an ICD is performed in unusual circumstances only, like in patients with abnormal venous drainage and preexisting left-sided devices. This case report describes a 42-year-old man who had undergone previous right pneumonectomy and who required ICD implantation for symptomatic inducible nonsuppressable hemodynamically(More)
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