Naomar de Almeida-Filho

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OBJECTIVE To assess the association between quality of stimulation in the family environment and child's cognitive development considering the impact of mother's schooling on the quality of stimulation. METHODS A cross-sectional study comprising 350 children aged 17-42 months was carried out in central and peripheral areas of Salvador, Northeastern(More)
Population-based studies of hypertension in Brazil were reviewed. Nineteen studies were identified, all employing cross-sectional study designs. The majority of these studies were conducted in the south and southeast regions of the country, although increasing mortality from cardiovascular diseases is now a nationwide problem in Brazil. Except for Amazonian(More)
Principal Components Analysis is a multivariate statistical technique for the purpose of examining the interdependence among variables. The main characteristic of this technique is the ability to reduce data, and it is currently used as an adjunct for the development of psychiatric research tools and the classification of psychiatric disorders. It has been(More)
The relationships between migration and mental illness have been perhaps the most important research topic of Social Psychiatry. Studies on this issue conducted in Latin America have in general reached the conclusion that migration, and the experience of modernization related to it, is a major risk factor of emotional disturbance. This hypothesis was tested(More)
A critical review is presented of methods and findings of epidemiological studies on drug use carried out in Brazil. Studies of the first phase (1977-1986) suffered from serious flaws but tended to produce inflated rates, as compared to studies conducted after 1987, which used better case definition criteria and sampling strategies. Prevalence of(More)
The prevalence of headache was studied as part of an epidemiologic survey of neuropsychiatric disorders carried out with an adult sample (N = 1,511) of an urban area of Salvador City, Bahia, Brazil. The overall prevalence of headache complaints was 14.8%, significantly higher among the eldest, female, less educated, migrants, unemployed, low SES and(More)
Seeking an association among SEVs, parent's mental health, early family milieu, and children's mental health through an epidemiological survey on a representative 545-child sample from low income squatter population of the city of Salvador was the author's hypothesis. QMPA and QMPI were used to assess the mental health status of parents and children,(More)
This paper reviews the literature about the relationships between cultural change and psychopathology produced by Latin American researchers. With the analysis of 22 epidemiological studies, the author shows how culture has been traditionally viewed by social psychiatric research in Latin America as an independent variable associated with the prevalence of(More)
The essay by Avilés is a powerful and well stated piece of work. It will certainly become an important reference regarding the misuse of epidemiology in the context of international politics. There is wide evidence concerning the political uses of science and technology as a tool for colonialism and economic domination. Indeed, the health field has been one(More)
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