Naomar Monteiro de Almeida Filho

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OBJECTIVE To identify and propose the optimal waist circumference cut-off points (WCp) for the diagnosis of central obesity (CO) in a Brazilian population, so as to compare these cut-off points with those recommended by the ATPIII (WC-ATPIII), and to estimate the difference in prevalence rates of metabolic syndrome (MS) using the two criteria. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE Women suffer from minor psychiatric disorders (MPM) more frequently than men. Most of the studies were conducted in England and in the United States and some reported the higher occurrence of MPM among women to be modified by marital status and others by sociodemographic variables. The present study intends to address this question in a developing(More)
In order to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the conditions allowing for a General Theory of Health, the author explores two important structural dimensions of the scientific health field: the socio-anthropological dimension and the epistemological dimension. As a preliminary semantic framework, he adopts the following definitions in English and(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of hypertension (H) and its association with other cardiovascular risk factors in a highly multiracial population. METHODS A cross-sectional study carried out in Salvador, Brazil, in a population sample of 1439 adults > or = 20 years of age. All participants completed a questionnaire at home and had the following(More)
Studies of non-psychotic disorders in migrants have shown inconsistent results. This paper reports the findings of a case-control study carried out in three cities in Brazil to investigate the association between migration and minor psychiatric morbidity (MPM). Two hundred and seventy-six cases and 261 controls were selected from a survey of 6740 people(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss methodological aspects of the two stages in the identification of psychiatric cases in epidemiological studies. METHODS Analyze the methodology used in the Multicentric Psychiatric Morbidity Study, which was conducted in three Brazilian cities (São Paulo, Brasília and Porto Alegre). In the first stage of that study, a random sample(More)
This study has as objective the presentation of a proposal of curricular restructure, evaluating its influence in the health instruction, focusing the nursing school. It presents, initially, the real panorama of superior education in Brazil. After that, it shows one curricular restructure proposal. Finally, it approaches the nursing/health teaching(More)
This study focuses on signs, meanings, and practices related to mental normality and health in a northern coastal area of Bahia, Brazil. It discusses local conceptions about the non-existence or exclusive existence of mental normality, as well as points of view concerning total mental normality. It identifies the prototypes of normality, like "normal",(More)
An epidemiological study of the correlation between parent's mental status and children's psychological health was completed in a representative sample of 1516 adults and 829 children, living in a low-income area of the City of Salvador, Bahia-Brazil. Trained interviewers applied a family questionnaire (20 items on demographic and socio-economic(More)
An introductory comment is made on the historical background, institutional impasses and curriculum challenges for training Public Health workers in Brazil. Initially, a thesis is proposed, namely that the Brazilian state has not fulfilled its responsibility to ensure quality public services for the population, with access and equity, shaping "the four(More)