Naoko Nishimaki

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We previously showed that nucleotide P2 receptor agonists such as ATP and UTP amplify γ-ray-induced focus formation of phosphorylated histone H2A variant H2AX (γH2AX), which is considered to be an indicator of DNA damage so far, by activating purine P2Y6 and P2Y12 receptors. Therefore, we hypothesized that these P2 receptors play a role in inducing the(More)
A key component of the response to DNA damage caused by ionizing radiation is DNA repair. Release of extracellular nucleotides, such as ATP, from cells plays a role in signaling via P2 receptors. We show here that release of ATP, followed by activation of P2Y receptors, is involved in the response to γ-irradiation-induced DNA damage. Formation of(More)
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