Naoko Kosaka

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— This paper proposes fusion analysis of high-resolution multispectral and panchromatic satellite imageries for forest type classification. We have shown the performance of forest type classification using panchromatic and multispectral high-resolution QuickBird satellite imageries separately. With texture features obtained from a panchromatic imagery,(More)
— In agricultural fields, the damage caused by salinized winds is crucial for crops. In order to minimize the damage, it is required to detect the damaged areas and enact the proper procedures in order to save the damaged fields immediately after the disaster. In this paper, we propose indices that can indicate the degree of salt-breezed damages in the(More)
—In this paper we propose a new method for estimating the degree of salt-damage over a widespread area using SPOT5 satellite images. In the method, the paddy field pixel data are normalized and plotted in the spectral feature space of NDVI (Normalized Differential Vegetation Index) and NDGI (Normalized Differential Green Index). In the feature space, normal(More)
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