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We describe a successful case of severe hypothermia due to coldwater immersion. An eight-year-old boy was saved from cold water (4 degrees C) after forty minutes. Open rewarming and resuscitation was performed by thoracotomy and pleural lavage for cardiac arrest due to the low core temperature (25 degrees C). The patient recovered primarily well without any(More)
A case of ophthalmoplegic migraine with cerebral aneurysm is reported. A 47-year-old female with a 17-year history of migraine was admitted. She had three attacks of severe migrainous headache accompanied with nausea and vomiting within three weeks. Soon after the third attack, she noticed diplopia and left blepharoptosis. Lumbar puncture revealed no(More)
Three cases of tension pneumocephalus are reported and pathogenesis, clinical features and management of this complication is discussed. Case 1: A 12-year-old female underwent a craniotomy for a suprasellar tumor following V-P shunting. At that time, Mayfield's pin fixing head holder was used and a CSF leak from a puncture wound caused by the head holder(More)
Three operated cases of congenital deficiency of factor XIII (fibrin-stabilizing factor) associated with intracranial hematomas were described and the diagnosis, replacement therapy of the factor were discussed. Congenital deficiency of factor XIII is quite rare coagulation disorder and only 100 patients were reported in the literatures in which we could(More)
A 61-year-old normotensive woman was admitted to our hospital with complaints of severe headache and nausea. She has had a limp due to the poliomyelitis in her childhood. Three days before admission, she had a headache without unconsciousness. On admission, she was almost alert. Her vital signs were normal. A mild monoparesis of the atrophic right lower(More)
Results of surgical treatment in 85 cases with metastatic brain tumors are reviewed. The lung was the most frequent site of primary lesion and the following sites were GI tract and the breast. Adequate treatment consisted of total removal of tumor, irradiation and/or chemotherapy were carried out in 51 cases. The remaining 34 cases had an unsuccessful(More)
A one-year-old girl with malignant renovascular hypertension had increased levels of plasma renin activity and angiotensin II concentration in peripheral blood and in blood from the affected kidneys as compared with that from the contralateral kidney. Unilateral nephrectomy was followed by resolution of the hypertension and normalization of the activity of(More)