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Urinary output of water-soluble vitamins has been used as an indices for vitamin nutrition. It has been pointed out that the coefficient variance of these values is high, especially for niacin catabolites. Thus, we investigated what kinds of stress affect the catabolism using female subjects. The effects of cold exposure (as a typical physical stress),(More)
In 2005 we established the first American-style summer treatment program (STP) for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) located outside North America. This program was based on methods established by professor Pelham and has been used in a number of studies and at a number of sites in the USA. A total of 137 children diagnosed with(More)
The wave analysis of swallowing sounds has been receiving attention because the recording process is easy and non-invasive. However, up until now, an expert has been needed to visually examine the entire recorded wave to distinguish swallowing from other sounds. The purpose of this study was to establish a methodology to automatically distinguish the sound(More)
Recently, the swallowing sound has been used to detect swallowing events non-invasively. A previous study, using an accelerometer, showed that the site over the lateral border of the trachea immediately inferior to the cricoid cartilage was the optimal site for detecting swallowing sounds. However, the optimal site for detection of the swallowing sound(More)
Velopharyngeal incompetence is known as a contributing factor to speech disorders. Suwaki et al. reported that nasal speaking valve (NSV) could improve dysarthria by regulating nasal emission utilising one-way valve. However, disease or condition which would be susceptible to treatment by NSV has not been clarified yet. This study aimed to evaluate the(More)
Elevation of the posterior part of the tongue is important for normal deglutition and speech. The purpose of this study was to develop a new surface electromyography (EMG) method to non-invasively and objectively evaluate activity in the muscles that control lifting movement in the posterior tongue. Neck surface EMG (N-EMG) was recorded using differential(More)
To determine the energy intake (EI) required to maintain body weight (equilibrium energy intake: EEI), we investigated the relationship between calculated energy intake and body weight changes in female subjects participating in 14 human balance studies (n=149) conducted at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition (Tokyo). In four and a half studies(More)
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