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OBJECTIVES There are contradictory reports on the relationship between Helicobacter pylori and circulating ghrelin. We sought to clarify the influence of H. pylori infection on gastric and plasma ghrelin dynamics in humans. METHODS Using endoscopic biopsies from the corpus of 56 H. pylori-infected patients and 25 uninfected subjects, ghrelin mRNA(More)
BACKGROUND When performing breast-conserving surgery (BCS), it is essential to achieve a complete resection of the tumor while preserving the cosmetic outcome. The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of a MRI marking technique for planning of BCS. METHODS A retrospective review was performed of 14 consecutive patients who underwent MRI in the(More)
We herein present a case of non-palpable ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) treated with successful breast-conserving surgery (BCS) using MR markers made with commercially available materials in the supine position. The patient was a 40-year-old woman found to have a non-mass lesion by routine screening ultrasonography (US). The margin of the lesion was(More)
PURPOSE To assess the efficacy of (1)H MR spectroscopy (MRS) to evaluate early responses to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients, as compared to that of the standardized uptake value (SUV) in (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emission tomography (PET). MATERIALS AND METHODS This retrospective study included seven patients with breast(More)
AIMS We conducted a 3-year longitudinal study concerning an association between cognitive function and cerebral small vessel disease (SVD) seen on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in elderly type 2 diabetic patients. METHODS Four cognitive function tests--MMSE, word recall, Digit Symbol Substitution (DSS), and Stroop Color Word (Stroop)--were performed in(More)
PURPOSE To elucidate the effectiveness of steroid administration and transcorneal electrical stimulation (TES) on anatomic changes and visual function in a rodent model of nonarteritic ischemic optic neuropathy (rNAION). METHODS Methylprednisolone (20 mg/kg) was injected through a central venous catheter twice a day for 3 days. TES was delivered with(More)
The stomach is the main source of circulating ghrelin. Plasma concentrations of this hormone in patients with various upper gastrointestinal diseases remain undetermined. Thus we measured plasma ghrelin levels by radioimmunoassay in 225 subjects, including 134 Helicobacter pylori-infected and 91 uninfected subjects. They included 67 patients with chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that the verbal fluency test (VFT) is a sensitive measure of cognitive dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, other studies have shown that the performances were significantly influenced by education in the normal elderly population. In order to examine the utility of the VFT as a tool for screening for AD,(More)
The prevalence of insomnia increases with age. Short sleep duration is associated with deficits in cognitive performance. We hypothesized that short sleep duration and sleep quality influence cognitive performance in older adults. The study included 78 adults aged 60 years and over (72.2 ± 5.9 years). Total sleep time and sleep efficiency (total sleep(More)