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1 Introduction MEG is a useful method to know brain activities, and has a remarkable feature that the source location is estimated with high accuracy. However MEG is insensitive to a radial current dipole, because a radial dipole in a sphere makes no magnetic field outside the sphere and the shape of human head resembles a sphere. To realize more accurate(More)
1 Introduction Cortical areas activated by olfactory stimulation have not been made clear yet, though a few studies were reported [1-3]. We are trying to localize the sources of olfactory MEG. The olfactory response becomes quickly weak because of subject's habituation. Then the data for source localization have little number of averaging and include much(More)
High-frequency characteristic of a TVC-input circuit becomes dominant factor in the AC-DC transfer difference at frequencies higher than 100 kHz. In order to evaluate the high-frequency characteristics of TC modules up to 1 MHz, a High-Frequency-standard TVC (HF-TVC) has been developed at AIST, in collaboration with Nikkohm Co. Ltd. The HF-TVC is designed(More)
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