Naoki Yamagishi

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PURPOSE To evaluate the relation between the location of focal visual field defects and optic disk damage in eyes with glaucoma by short-wavelength automated perimetery and confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy. METHODS In 14 patients (14 eyes) with open-angle glaucoma, focal optic disk damage, and focal visual field loss, we obtain visual fields with(More)
PURPOSE To develop a quantitative method for analysis of the topographic relationship between structural and functional damage in patients with glaucoma. METHODS We studied 26 patients with primary open-angle glaucoma, focal optic disk damage, and focal visual field loss. The visual field was evaluated with automated perimetry, and the optic disk(More)
PURPOSE To quantify short-wavelength sensitivity in normal eyes by hemifield location, eccentricity, and age. METHODS We measured achromatic and short-wavelength thresholds across visual fields covering a radius of 21 degrees of visual angle in 115 normal eyes in subjects aged 17 to 77 years and out to 30 degrees of eccentricity in an additional 57 eyes(More)
A behavioral-history procedure was used to study the function of terminal-link stimuli as conditioned reinforcers in multiple concurrent-chain schedules of reinforcement. First, three pigeons were exposed to multiple concurrent-chain schedules in which the two multiple-schedule components were correlated with a blue and a white stimulus, respectively. In(More)
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