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Presence services are not widespread because there is little interest in a closed presence application in the IP multimedia subsystem/ next-generation network (IMS/NGN). A representational state transfer (REST) API for a presence service in IMS/NGN that can be easily used in a Web application has been proposed to encourage the use of presence services in(More)
The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is being widely adopted as the standard service delivery architecture for Next Generation Networks. The IMS delivers rich IP-based multimedia services to end users. In order to fully utilize the potential of the IMS, the convergence of the World Wide Web and IMS capabilities is imperative. Services composed of Web 2.0(More)
Uploading of huge files to cloud servers through mobile communication has been becoming more popular in recent years. However, current uploading throughput is frequently limited due to bottlenecks in server processing ability and/or narrow bandwidth sections of networks. For this study, we aimed to improve the user experience of uploading in future wireless(More)
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