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Transganglionic transport of horseradish peroxidase-wheat germ agglutinin conjugate entrapped in polyacrylamide gel was used to study the patterns of termination of primary afferents that innervate the upper and lower primary tooth pulps within the trigeminal sensory nuclear complex of the young dog. The lower and upper primary tooth pulp afferents(More)
Highly automated driving in real world situations requires perception and planning to account for other forms of human locomotion, principally bicycles, and pedestrians, in addition to vehicles. Here we present a complete perception-planning-control system with high quality perception including object classification and tracking, and a path planning(More)
For on-road autonomous driving, path planner needs to generate a target path which is not only safe and smooth, but also stable under uncertainty propagated from sensing such as localization error and perception error. In this paper, we propose a path planning method which generates a target path in two steps: reference path planning and local path(More)
Reliable long distance obstacle detection and motion planning is a key issue for modern intelligent vehicles, since it can help to make the decision early and design proper driving trajectory to avoid discomfort for the passengers caused by hard brake or sudden large lateral movement. Specifically, when there is vehicle parked on the roadside, we need to(More)
The subjects were a total of 60 children, of which 30 were kindergarteners, and 30 were school age children. Changes in internal behavior were observed when the subjects were stimulated by only visual stimulation (V), only audio stimulation (A) and audio-visual stimulation (AV) of the crying of other child patients for 20 seconds each. The change ratios of(More)
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