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OBJECTIVE Although findings of nail-fold capillary changes and reduced red blood cell velocity in SSc patients are well established, studies in adult-onset DM patients are scarce. Our objective was to assess the changes and red blood cell velocity in finger nail-fold capillaries using nail-fold video capillaroscopy (NVC) in patients with adult-onset DM. (More)
OBJECTIVE To assess red blood cell velocity in finger nail-fold capillaries using video capillaroscopy in patients with SSc and other collagen diseases. METHODS This study included 127 patients with SSc as well as patients with SLE (n = 33), DM/PM (n = 21), RA (n = 13) and APS (n = 12), and 20 healthy subjects. Red blood cell velocity was evaluated using(More)
Pulmonary rehabilitation is effective for improving exercise capacity in patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD), and most programs last about 8 weeks. A 43-year-old male patient with systemic sclerosis and oxygen saturation (SpO(2)) declining because of severe ILD was hospitalized for treatment of chronic skin ulcers. During admission, he completed a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of self-administered stretching of each finger in Japanese patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc). METHODS Forty-five patients with SSc (32 with diffuse cutaneous SSc and 13 with limited cutaneous SSc) were given instructions on self-administered stretching and were directed to perform it every day. Individual fingers(More)
BACKGROUND The diffusion capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide (DLCO) is a good marker of disease severity in patients with idiopathic interstitial pneumonia, and is associated with oxygen saturation; however, little is known about DLCO in systemic sclerosis patients with interstitial lung disease. We studied potential predictors of exercise-induced(More)
OBJECTIVE Dysphagia develops with low frequency in patients with dermatomyositis. Our objective was to determine the clinical and laboratory features that can estimate the development of dysphagia in dermatomyositis. METHODS This study included 92 Japanese patients with adult-onset dermatomyositis. The associations between dysphagia and clinical and(More)
The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Assessment Test (CAT), which was developed to measure the health status of patients with COPD, was applied to patients with interstitial lung disease, aiming to examine the CAT as a predictor of outcome. Over a follow-up period of more than one year, 101 consecutive patients with interstitial lung disease(More)
Although the relationship between muscle strength and exercise capacity has been demonstrated in dermatomyositis without lung dysfunction, little is known about the association between exercise capacity and interstitial lung disease in dermatomyositis. Eleven patients with dermatomyositis with interstitial lung disease without the manifestation of muscle(More)
*KURAに登録されているコンテンツの利用については,著作権法に規定されている私的使用や引用などの範囲内で行ってください。 *著作権法に規定されている私的使用や引用などの範囲を超える利用を行う場合には,著作権者の許諾を得てください。ただし,著作権者 から著作権等管理事業者(学術著作権協会,日本著作出版権管理システムなど)に権利委託されているコンテンツの利用手続については ,各著作権等管理事業者に確認してください。 Title Exercise capacity in relation to autoantibodies in systemic sclerosis patients Author(s) Someya, Fujiko; Mugii, Naoki; Yahata, Tetsutarou;(More)
OBJECTIVES Systemic sclerosis impairs the dilatation of affected pulmonary blood vessels and myocardial diastolic function at rest, but few studies have examined cardiac hemodynamic response during exercise. This study aimed to evaluate the factors affecting cardiac response during submaximal exercise in patients with systemic sclerosis. METHODS(More)