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Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) act only in the stomach, although the proton pump, H(+),K(+)-ATPase exists and contributes to H(+) and K(+) homeostasis in the kidney. We encountered two hypokalemic cases receiving omeprazole. These cases were women ages 69 and 80 years old. Their serum potassium levels decreased with accelerated urinary potassium excretion(More)
A 32-yr-old woman with acute gastritis and migraine used Naron commonly (the principal ingredients are acetaminophen and bromvalerylurea) and had been taking about 3g of acetaminophen daily for several days before admission. She was hospitalized with severe diffuse abdominal pain. On physical examination she had a peritoneal sign and laboratory studies(More)
Cholangiography is not only indispensable to the diagnosis of bile duct lesions, but also as valuable as hypotonic duodenography and P-S test in the study of pancreatic lesions. Pathological findings of the lesions below the common bile duct include total occlusion or stenosis of the lower bile duct in malignancy cases, and subtotal occlusion, sclerotic(More)
A 19-year-old woman ingested 2.2 L of "umeshu", a Japanese apricot liquor made with a large amount of sugar. She was unconscious and in shock. The estimated blood ethanol concentration was 607 mg/dl, and the blood glucose level was 576 mg/dl. Because her respiration and circulation was highly suppressed, blood purification was indicated. Continuous(More)
22 pat ients including 13 cirrhotic cases have required emergent management for acute variceal bleeding. In the c i r rhot ic group there have been only two survivals, both be ing treated with cardia resection. All o ther cirrhotic pat ients t rea ted with pneumatic tamponade, l igation of var ices or Eck's operat ion were lost. Cardia resection has been(More)
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