Naoki Kodera

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An issue of object boundary reconstruction is important in depth image based rendering. For natural rendering, pixel values in an object boundary should be gradually changed from the background color to the foreground color. There are two approaches for this problem; one is blur regeneration by using alpha matting, and the other is blur transfer by using(More)
In this paper, we propose a free viewpoint image rendering method combined with filter based alpha matting for improving the image quality of image boundaries. When we synthesize a free viewpoint image, blur around object boundaries in an input image spills foreground/background color in the synthesized image. To generate smooth boundaries, alpha matting is(More)
Caging is a method to make an object inescapable from a closed region by rigid bodies. Position-controlled robot hands can capture an object and manipulate it via caging without force sensing or force control. However, the object in caging is freely movable in the closed region, which may not be allowed in some applications. In such cases, grasping is(More)
In this paper, we propose a refinement filter for depth maps. The filter convolutes an image and a depth map with a cross computed kernel. We call the filter joint trilateral filter. Main advantages of the proposed method are that the filter fits outlines of objects in the depth map to silhouettes in the image, and the filter reduces Gaussian noise in other(More)
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