Naoki Kitazawa

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The stability of sucrose fatty acid monoesters toward hydrolysis under acidic and basic conditions was evaluated. Mass spectrometric analysis of hydrolysates showed that the glycosidic bond was preferentially hydrolyzed under acidic conditions, whereas the ester bond was selectively hydrolyzed under basic conditions. Under both conditions, the rate of(More)
This paper presents intermittently operating RF frontend for proximity wireless communication with wireless power supply. To realize power scalability of the RF frontend, intermittent operation is performed by switching the bias of the amplifier. Quick startup circuit is proposed to accelerate the charging time to a decoupling capacitor. The fabricated test(More)
A 65-nm CMOS-technology-based surface-acoustic-wave filterless transmitter (TX) for a long-term evolution (LTE) system was developed and performance tested. The TX incorporates both a passive quadrature modulator (QMOD) using bandpass filter (BPF)-based in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) signal summing and a small triple-layer Marchand balun. The passive operation(More)
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