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SUMMARY This article presents the analysis of the Bragg scattering phenomenon which has been observed in the images of machine-planted rice paddies acquired by the JERS-1 L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The simultaneous measurements of rice plants were made at the SAR data acquisition times. Large differences of 20–25 dB in image intensity between(More)
Environmental situation awareness in this study focuses on monitoring techniques to discover public safety and potential risks at local spots. Changing amount of radiation dose recently has become a great concern by citizen near nuclear power plants. Observation approach to resolution of the concern in this study is the application of Unmanned Aerial(More)
In optical sensor, because it is influenced by the weather, "timely" observation is difficult. "Timely" observation by SAR is expected. Rice is staple food of Asia, and. monitoring the area of rice is demanded. The purpose of this research is to clarify the problem and effectiveness when measure the planted acreage of rice paddy fields in the large area(More)
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