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BACKGROUND The prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is increasing. Since patients usually need long-term treatment and suffer from reduced quality of life, there is a need to develop new therapeutic strategy. The aim of this study was to investigate the therapeutic potential of erythropoietin (EPO) for the treatment of IBD. METHODS Murine(More)
A case of a hernia traversing the lesser sac with a primary defect in the greater omentum and a secondary defect in the lesser omentum is reported herein. This type of internal hernia is extremely rare and we have found only three other reported cases apart from our case. All four cases in whom this type of hernia occurred were young people. The general(More)
A woman in her fifties underwent a right hemicolectomy (D3) for cancer of the ascending colon in October 2007, definitively and pathologically diagnosed as papillary adenocarcinoma invading to the subserosa, and no metastasis was detected to lymph node. But 13 months after the surgery, she was found to have a mass near the anastomosis by an abdominal CT(More)
A man in his early seventies underwent low anterior resection and partial resection of the liver for the rectal cancer and liver metastasis. However, 4 months after the surgery, he was found to have a liver tumor at S5 and S7 by abdominal CT scan. Then, he underwent chemotherapy (mFOLFOX6), but the metastatic tumor was progressive. We selected FOLFIRI +(More)
A 79-year-old woman with symptomatic pyloric stenosis was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer. CT revealed that the tumor had invaded into the pancreatic head.Since no contraindications were found at laparotomy, we performed pancreatoduodenectomy. The histopathologic diagnosis was pT4b (panc), pN3a (11/35), P0, CY0, H0, M0, pStage ⅢC, R0. The patient(More)
In 2010, a newly-created medical fee was established for "Cancer Patient Rehabilitation." We acquired the facility criteria for cancer rehabilitation in August 2011. In December 2005, we started a preventive rehabilitation program to provide comprehensive respiratory physical therapy. Maintenance rehabilitation, palliative rehabilitation and home visiting(More)
BACKGROUND Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene mutation at the kinase domain and EGFR gene amplification are reported to be predictors of the response to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors in lung cancer cases. In malignant mesothelioma (MM), the role of EGFR is less clear. METHODS Thirty-eight MM specimens were submitted to EGFR mutation(More)