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Enhancement of chalcopyrite leaching by ferrous ions in acidic ferric sulfate solutions
The effects of ferrous ions on chalcopyrite oxidation with ferric ions in 0.1 mol dm−3 sulfuric acid solutions were investigated by leaching experiments at 303 K in nitrogen. With high cupric ionExpand
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A case of ferrous sulfate addition enhancing chalcopyrite leaching
It is generally accepted that ferric ions as an oxidant are effective for leaching chalcopyrite but ferrous ions contribute to the leaching only as a source of ferric ions. However, this paper foundExpand
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A model for ferrous-promoted chalcopyrite leaching
Oxidative leaching of chalcopyrite with dissolved oxygen and/or with ferric ions is promoted by high concentrations of ferrous ions in sulfuric acid solutions containing cupric ions. This paperExpand
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Abstract In the leaching of chalcopyrite with sulphuric acid solutions, the copper extraction rate reaches a maximum at a given redox potential. This article reviews our studies on the determinationExpand
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Synergistic effect of cupric and ferrous ions on active-passive behavior in anodic dissolution of chalcopyrite in sulfuric acid solutions
Abstract Copper extraction during the oxidative leaching of chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) by ferric ions or by dissolved oxygen in sulfuric acid solutions is known to be faster at low redox potentials butExpand
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Arsenic, selenium, boron, lead, cadmium, copper, and zinc in naturally contaminated rocks: A review of their sources, modes of enrichment, mechanisms of release, and mitigation strategies.
Massive and ambitious underground space development projects are being undertaken by many countries around the world to decongest megacities, improve the urban landscapes, upgrade outdatedExpand
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Influence of relative humidity on fracture toughness of rock: Implications for subcritical crack growth
Information relating to the fracture toughness of geomaterials is critical to our understanding of tensile fracturing, and in particular in geological and rock engineering projects that are subjectedExpand
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Effect of solution composition on the optimum redox potential for chalcopyrite leaching in sulfuric acid solutions
Abstract The leaching rate of chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) by Fe3+ in H2SO4 solutions depends on the redox potential determined by the Fe3+/Fe2+ concentration ratio, and there is a maximum leaching rate atExpand
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Effect of chloride ions on leaching rate of chalcopyrite
Abstract The effect of chloride on chalcopyrite leaching has been investigated by performing batch leaching tests with three kinds of leaching solutions and using Hiroyoshi’s model, which suggestsExpand
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Effects of relative humidity and temperature on subcritical crack growth in igneous rock
Abstract Effects of relative humidity and temperature on subcritical crack growth in igneous rock have been investigated experimentally on samples of Kumamoto andesite and Oshima granite. StressExpand
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