Naoki Hayashi

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— This paper provides an application of a consensus problem with nonlinear performance functions to resource allocation in soft real-time systems. In soft real-time systems, fairness of QoS (Quality of Service) levels plays an important role to guarantee appropriate service under timing and resource constraints. We propose fair QoS control with an(More)
SnapTable, is a human friendly digital document handling system with the function of instant image copying on a photo-addressable electronic paper (E-Paper). By using Snaptable, an intangible optical image on the tabletop screen is able to be instantly transformed into a tangible printed image on a physical E-paper medium. SnapTable is also able to put link(More)
—This paper addresses a discrete-time consensus problem of multi-agent systems. In our model, each agent has multiple state variables instead of a scalar one. A performance value of each agent is evaluated by a nonlin-ear performance function based on its state. We consider conditions for agents to achieve consensus on the performance value using the(More)