Naoki Hayakawa

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Measurements of electrolytic deuterium loading into Pd and Pd-Rh alloy cathodes and excess heat during electrolysis in 1M LiOD have been conducted simultaneously in closed cells with a fuel cell anode pressurized by deuterium gas. The excess heat up to 4-5W/Pd cc has been reproduced by using Pd rod cathodes from various sources. Excess heat increases with(More)
An understanding of mechanism of Partial Discharge (PD) in SF 6 gas is critical for diagnosis of PD in electric power equipment. Moreover, analysis of PD mechanism contributes to the optimization of the design of electric power applications. For these reasons, we study in detail about PD mechanism by measuring light emission spectrum of PD in SF 6 gas. In(More)
characteristics as a stochastic process and its integral equation under sinusoidal voltage," IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics & Electrical Insulation, vol. 8, pp.A novel technique for detecting electromagnetic wave caused by partial discharge in GIS," IEEE characteristics and diagnostics technology for metallic particles in gas insulated switchgear," vol.
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