Naoki Hashimoto

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In the existed studies, interaction system involving force and touch feedback, have been scarely suggested any research. Therefore, we focus on touch and force-feedback activities in interaction with real human. In this paper, we propose the interaction system which combines an immersive virtual environment with human-scale haptic interface. And we(More)
In this article we propose a framework for haptic interaction with a reactive virtual human in a physically simulated virtual world. The user controls an avatar in the virtual world via human-scale haptic interface and interacts with the virtual human through the avatar. The virtual human recognizes the user's motion and reacts to it. We create a virtual(More)
The project presents a new locomotion interface for virtual environment with large display system. Users will be able to direct and control the traveling in the VE by in-place stepping and turning actions. Using a turntable technology, Visual feedback is continuously provided though the use of screen of limited size.
Immersive projection technologies surrounding users with large and high quality images are fundamental elements in our near-future information society. However, such large projection systems are frequently based on large implementation and high-cost components like a special projector and screen. This situation limits users receiving the benefits with those(More)
In this paper, we propose a new animation creation process, based on the teacher-student concept. You are the teacher and want to teach someone a performance. First you show the student how to perform an action, you tell him "do like me". Then you correct his posture by moving with hands his arms, his torso, feet position and so forth by saying to him "do(More)