Naoki Haraguchi

Hisateru Niki2
Masato Takao2
Shinobu Tatsunami1
2Hisateru Niki
2Masato Takao
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The ability to combine physiology and engineering analyses with computer sciences has opened the door to the possibility of creating the "Virtual Human" reality. This paper presents a broad foundation for a full-featured biomechanical simulator for the human musculoskeletal system physiology. This simulation technology unites the expertise in biomechanical(More)
Main-chain chiral quaternary ammonium polymers were successfully synthesized by the quaternization polymerization of cinchonidine dimer with dihalides. The polymerization occurred smoothly under optimized conditions to give novel type of main-chain chiral quaternary ammonium polymers. The catalytic activity of the polymeric chiral organocatalysts was(More)
BACKGROUND The Japanese Society for Surgery of the Foot (JSSF) is developing a QOL questionnaire instrument for use in pathological conditions related to the foot and ankle. The main body of the outcome instrument (the Self-Administered Foot Evaluation Questionnaire, SAFE-Q version 2) consists of 34 questionnaire items, which provide five subscale scores(More)
The Ad Hoc Committee of Terminology of the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Foot (JSSF) proposes novel terminology for motion of the ankle, foot, and toe because there are some ambiguities in the current terminology. Articles were identified by searching the electronic databases of PubMed that compared definitions of American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle(More)
We propose a multiprocessor architecture with partially shared memory blocks, which is, we think, best suited for the successive approximation of scientific computing problems, such as matrix operations, partial differential equations etc. The topology is a ring. But the system configuration is a subset of an orthogonal multiprocessor Scherson and Hwang(More)
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