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Thin pili of the closely related IncI1 plasmids ColIb-P9 and R64 are required only for liquid mating and belong to the type IV family of pili. They were sedimented by ultracentrifugation from culture medium in which Escherichia coli cells harboring ColIb-P9- or R64-derived plasmids had been grown, and then the pili were purified by CsCl density gradient(More)
Products of the nikA and nikB genes of plasmid R64 have been shown to form a relaxation complex with R64 oriT DNA and to function together as an oriT-specific nickase. We purified the protein product of the nikA gene. The purified NikA protein bound specifically to the oriT region of R64 DNA. Gel retardation assays and DNase I footprinting analyses(More)
BACKGROUND Regional lung sound intensity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients is influenced by the severity and distribution of emphysema, obstructed peripheral airways, and altered ribcage and diaphragm configurations and movements due to hyperinflation. Changes in the lung sound distribution accompanied by pulmonary function(More)
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