Naoki Fukuta

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SPARQL is a standard query language for RDF data that are commonly used to represent and store Semantic Web data. There are a lot of SPARQL endpoints to retrieve and see the data by SPARQL queries. Although it greatly helps us query semantic data with ontologies, their diversity of ontologies make it difficult to query the data without understanding of(More)
Online auctions are becoming an increasingly important channel for electronic commerce. There exist more than 150 online auction sites on the Internet. It is difficult for users to attend, monitor, and bid at multiple auction sites simultaneously. In this paper, we propose BiddingBot which is a multi agent system that supports users in attending,(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we propose an interactive domain ontology development environment called DODDLE-OWL. DODDLE-OWL refers to existing ontologies and supports the semi-automatic construction of tax-onomic and other relationships in domain ontologies from documents. Integrating several modules, DODDLE-OWL is a practical and interactive domain ontology(More)
We propose new approximate algorithms for combinatorial auctions with massively large number of (more than 100,000) bids. In this paper, we focus on a more practical approximated algorithm in the context of revenue maximization. We propose a hill-climbing greedy algorithm, a SA-like random search algorithm, and their enhancement for searching multiple key(More)
Combinatorial auctions, one of the most popular market mechanisms, have a huge effect on electronic markets and political strategies. Combinatorial auctions provide suitable mechanisms for efficient allocation of resources to self-interested attendees. On the other hand, efficient resource allocation is also becoming crucial in many computer systems that(More)
Insect inspired task allocation schemes have received significant attention as a way to control agents in dynamic or uncertain domains. This is largely because such mechanisms rely on only simple definitions of agent behavior, a small amount of communication and a high-degree of fault tolerance. However, it is often difficult to conceptualize the(More)
Information agents are computational software systems that provides transparent access to many different information sources in the Internet, and to be able to retrieve, analyze, manipulate, and integrate heterogeneous data and information on demand. Mobile agents are an effective choice for many applications to improve latency and bandwidth of(More)