Naoki Amuro

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The yeast GDH1 gene encodes NADP-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase. This gene was isolated by complementation of an Escherichia coli glutamate auxotroph. NADP-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase was overproduced 6-10-fold in Saccharomyces cerevisiae bearing GDH1 on a multicopy plasmid. The nucleotide sequence of the 1362-base pair coding region and 5' and 3'(More)
We have isolated two overlapping clones covering the entire length of the gene of nuclear-encoded sub-unit IV of cytochrome c oxidase (COXIV) from a rat genomic library in Charon 4A and determined the structural organization of the gene. The gene spans approximately 7.0 kilobases and contains five exons interrupted by four introns. Of these exons, exon 2(More)
Gamma-crystallins have been implicated in various kinds of cataracts. In order to facilitate studies elucidating the molecular mechanism of cataractogenesis, large quantities of rat recombinant gamma-D-crystallin were produced in E coli. A full length cDNA clone coding for gamma-D-crystallin was isolated from a rat lens lambda gt11 cDNA library using a(More)
Anthranilate synthase is a glutamine amidotransferase that catalyzes the first reaction in tryptophan biosynthesis. Conserved amino acid residues likely to be essential for glutamine-dependent activity were identified by alignment of the glutamine amide transfer domains in four different enzymes: anthranilate synthase component II (AS II), p-aminobenzoate(More)
The presence of activated transforming genes was investigated in four patients with therapy-related leukemia and in three with therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome. DNA of bone marrow cells from six of the patients exhibited transforming activity in the tumorigenicity assay. Five of the six patients who were positive in the tumorigenicity assay(More)
We have isolated two non-overlapping clones containing the genes for subunit Vb of cytochrome c oxidase (COXVb) from a rat genomic library in Charon 4A using a newly isolated full-length cDNA as a probe. One of the two genomic clones, designated as lambda COXVb741, contained a functional gene (COXVb-1), while the other one, designated as lambda COXVb211,(More)
The effect of griseofulvin treatment on the synthesis of cytochrome c oxidase was studied with the liver of the tadpole, Rana catesbeiana. (1) In the liver of tadpole treated with griseofulvin, a ferrochelatase inhibitor, the synthesis of heme a, but not cytochrome c oxidase protein, is inhibited. (2) The apocytochrome c oxidase which is formed in the liver(More)