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Parallaxes and proper motions of interstellar masers toward the Cygnus X star-forming complex. I. Membership of the Cygnus X region
Context. Whether the Cygnus X complex consists of one physically connected region of star formation or of multiple independent regions projected close together on the sky has been debated for
Approximately A Thousand Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in the Coma cluster
We report the discovery of 854 ultra diffuse galaxies (UDGs) in the Coma cluster using deep R band images, with partial B, i, and Halpha band coverage, obtained with the Subaru telescope. Many of
Delay Time Distribution Measurement of Type Ia Supernovae by the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey and Implications for the Progenitor
The delay time distribution (DTD) of type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) from star formation is an important clue to reveal the still unknown progenitor system of SNe Ia. Here we report on a measurement of
The Greater Impact of Mergers on the Growth of Massive Galaxies: Implications for Mass Assembly and Evolution Since z~1
Using deep infrared observations conducted with the MOIRCS imager on the Subaru Telescope in the northern GOODS field combined with public surveys in GOODS-S, we investigate the dependence on stellar
The Discovery of Primeval Large-Scale Structures with Forming Clusters at Redshift 6*
We report the discovery of primeval large-scale structures (LSSs) including two protoclusters in a forming phase at z = 5.7. We carried out extensive deep narrowband imaging in the 1 deg2 sky of the
The Surprisingly Steep Mass Profile of Abell 1689, from a Lensing Analysis of Subaru Images
Subaru observations of A1689 (z=0.183) are used to derive an accurate, model-independent mass profile for the entire cluster, r<2 Mpc/h, by combining magnification bias and distortion measurements.
We present the properties of an extensive sample of molecular clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) mapped at 11?pc resolution in the CO(1-0) line. Targets were chosen based on a limiting CO
The Chandra Deep Protocluster Survey: Lyα Blobs are powered by heating, not cooling
We present the results of a 400 ks Chandra survey of 29 extended Lyα emitting nebulae (Lyα Blobs, LABs) in the z = 3.09 protocluster in the SS A22 field. We detect luminous X-ray counterparts in five
CISCO: Cooled Infrared Spectrograph and Camera for OHS on the Subaru Telescope
This paper describes a Cooled Infrared Spectrograph and Camera for OHS (CISCO), mounted on the Nasmyth focus of the Subaru telescope. It is primarily designed as a back-end camera of the OH-Airglow
Disk Galaxy Formation in a Λ Cold Dark Matter Universe
We describe hydrodynamic simulations of galaxy formation in a Λ cold dark matter cosmology, performed using a subresolution model for star formation and feedback in a multiphase interstellar medium