Naohito Aoki

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The mutagenic/carcinogenic activities of DEHP and MEHP were studied in bacteria and mammalian cells. MEHP but not DEHP exerted a dose-dependent DNA damaging effect to B. subtilis in Rec-assay. DEHP and MEHP showed mutagenic activities to S. typhimurium TA-100, with and without S-9 mix, respectively. MEHP produced not only the mutation in E. coli WP2B/r but(More)
Neurotrophins, such as the nerve growth factor (NGF), play an essential role in the growth, development, survival and functional maintenance of neurons in the central and peripheral systems. They also prevent neuronal cell death under various stressful conditions, such as ischemia and neurodegenerative disorders. NGF induces cell differentiation and neurite(More)
Manzamenones A~C (1~3) and E~F (5~6), unique oxylipin metabolites isolated from a marine sponge Plakortis sp., have been found to exhibit inhibitory activity against T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase (TCPTP). The inhibitory activity of 2 and 5 against TCPTP was 4 times more potent than that against protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B (PTP1B).
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