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We report on the use of a fixed-spacer Fabry-Perot ring cavity to filter spatially and temporally a 10-W laser-diode-pumped Nd:YAG master-oscillator power amplifier. The spatial filtering leads to a 7.6-W TEM (00) beam with 0.1% higher-order transverse mode content. The temporal filtering reduces the relative power fluctuations at 10 MHz to 2.8x10(-9)/(More)
A polymer-stabilized blue-phase liquid crystal (BPLC) with a negative Kerr constant is reported. In a voltage-on state, the double-twist BPLC molecules within the lattice cylinders are reoriented perpendicular to the applied electric field because of their negative dielectric anisotropy. As a result, the induced birefringence has a negative value, which(More)
The validity of the Ego-Grasping Orientation Scale (EGO) was tested. Theoretically, the EGO is a measure of mental health based on Taoistic (i.e., Ancient Chinese) philosophy. A total of 68 research participants completed the EGO along with measures of Eastern/Western orientation, self-esteem, assertiveness, desire for control, social interest, anxiety, and(More)
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