Naohisa Chiba

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OBJECTIVES Nutritional status is associated with an effect on oncological outcomes. However, the effect of nutritional status on postoperative survival in lung cancer has not been well studied. We retrospectively analysed and evaluated the effect of preoperative body mass index (BMI) and changes in body weight on postoperative outcomes of lung cancer(More)
Rib resection for chest wall tumors, including lung cancer with chest wall invasion, is usually performed through open thoracotomy. Resection of part of the external rib cage requires an elongated or additional incision depending on the location and extension of the tumor, eventually becoming more invasive to patients. We recently introduced a technique of(More)
Thoracoscopic partial pulmonary resection for small peripheral nodules without using a stapler has been introduced to our hospital. After partial resection was performed with electrocautery, two different methods of surface sealing were used: a coagulation method (C method) with Soft Coagulation alone, and a coagulation-suturing method (CS method) with Soft(More)
Carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP) is occasionally encountered in clinical oncology. Wide variation exists in CUP. We herein report a rare case of CUP of a mediastinal lymph node. A 61-year-old man with dermatomyositis was referred to our hospital for treatment of mediastinal adenopathy and gastric cancer. Biopsy of both lesions showed that they were(More)
Anastomosis in bronchoplasty is usually performed using interrupted sutures, which are considered safe, reliable, and secure. However, placing interrupted sutures can be complex and time-consuming. There have been recent reports of continuous suturing using standard suture materials in bronchoplasty. We have experienced four cases of sleeve lobectomy with(More)
OBJECTIVE The Japanese Association for Chest Surgery (JACS) has released guidelines on preoperative physiologic assessment for lung cancer surgery. However, cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET), which is recommended for patients with poor pulmonary function, is available only in limited institutions. We investigated the possibility of 6-min walk test(More)
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