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Isabel Oitavem has introduced a term rewriting system (TRS) which captures the class FPS of polynomial-space computable functions. We propose an alternative TRS for FPS. As a consequence, it is obtained that FPS is the smallest class containing certain initial functions and closed under specific operations. It turns out that our characterization is(More)
We propose a new order-theoretic characterisation of the class of polytime computable functions. To this avail we define the small polynomial path order (sPOP * for short). This termination order entails a new syntactic method to analyse the innermost runtime complexity of term rewrite systems fully automatically: for any rewrite system compatible with sPOP(More)
In this paper we present a new path order for rewrite systems, the exponential path order EPO. Suppose a term rewrite system is compatible with EPO , then the runtime complexity of this rewrite system is bounded from above by an exponential function. Furthermore, the class of function computed by a rewrite system compatible with EPO equals the class of(More)
The predicative lexicographic path order (PLPO for short), a syntactic restriction of the lex-icographic path order, is presented. As well as lexicographic path orders, several non-trivial primitive recursive equations, e.g., primitive recursion with parameter substitution, unnested multiple recursion, or simple nested recursion, can be oriented with PLPOs.(More)
The general form of safe recursion (or ramified recurrence) can be expressed by an infinite graph rewrite system including unfolding graph rewrite rules introduced by Dal Lago, Martini and Zorzi, in which the size of every normal form by innermost rewriting is polynomially bounded. Every unfolding graph rewrite rule is precedence terminating in the sense of(More)