Naofumi Wada

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In this paper, a method of improving coding efficiency is proposed by using the Wiener filter as an in-loop filter. The Wiener filter can minimize the mean square error between the input image and the decoded image. However, errors of some pixels increase by filtering process. Since the filtered pixels are used for motion-compensated prediction, these(More)
The paper explores the extraction of speech features aiming at noise robustness for speech recognition and proposes advanced speech analysis techniques named RSF/DRA (running spectrum filtering/dynamic range adjustment). The proposed techniques, DRA and RSF, focus on speech feature adjustment. DRA normalizes cepstral dynamic ranges and RSF eliminates the(More)
This report introduces a new approach of FRM technique for a robust speech recognition system. We have already developed intelligent filtering techniques for robust speech recognition. In this method, a conventional FIR band-pass filter is applied on speech running power spectrum. In order to improve recognition accuracy, the designed FIR filter becomes(More)
This work presents VLSI architecture in HMM-based speech recognition for high-speed operation and its verification platform to test various tasks on recognition systems. The proposed architecture effectively utilizes independent computations on the HMM structure. It can reduce processing time and/or extend the word vocabulary considerably. We designed a(More)
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