Naofumi Otani

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In human ovaries, angiogenesis is known to be associated with the development of follicles and the formation of the corpus luteum (CL). A complex vascular network is formed within the thecal cell layer during follicular growth, and rapid neovascularization occurs toward the granulosa cell layer after ovulation. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a(More)
We have developed a method for multimodal observation of infant development. In order to analyze development of problem solving skills by observing scenes of task achievement or communication with others, we have introduced a method for extracting detailed behavioral features expressed by gestures or eyes. We have realized an environment for recording(More)
We have obtained the valuable findings about the developmental processes of demonstrative expression skills, which is concerned with the fundamental commonsense of human knowledge, such as to get an object and to catch someone's attention. We have already developed a framework to record genuine spontaneous speech of infants. We are constructing a multimodal(More)
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