Naofumi Kuwahata

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OBJECTIVE Aging is a common cause of acquired hearing impairments. This study investigated age-related morphologic changes in human cochleae, with a particular focus on degeneration of the stria vascularis (SV) and the spiral ganglion (SG). STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case review. METHODS The study group comprised 91 temporal bones from individuals aged(More)
Four cases of colorectal polyps with epithelial serrated proliferation (CP-ESP) with malignant transformation were studied. In CP-ESP adjacent to carcinoma, if the nuclear size in the surface layer was significantly smaller than those in the bottom and the middle layers of the crypts, the specimen was defined as zone formation positive. If there was no(More)
We reviewed 143 patients with laryngeal cancer, who had undergone primary treatment in our hospital between 1983 to 1993. These patients consisted of 45 cases of supraglottic carcinoma, 94 cases of glottic carcinoma and 4 subglottic carcinoma. The respective five-year survival rates were 55.4%, 80.1%, 100% and 72.9% for supraglottic carcinoma, glottic(More)
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