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We report the detection of Deuterium absorption at redshift 2.525659 towards Q1243+3047. We describe improved methods to estimate the Deuterium to Hydrogen abundance ratio (D/H) in absorption systems, including improved modelling of the continuum level, the Lyα forest and the velocity structure of the absorption. Together with improved relative flux(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with gynecologic cancer have a high risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) like patients with other cancers. However, there is little information on risk factors for VTE during gynecologic surgery and no uniform preventive strategy. Our objectives were to identify risk factors for perioperative VTE in gynecologic patients and establish(More)
We investigate the ionization state of the damped Ly system at z ¼ 2:62 toward GB 1759+7539 through an analysis of ionic ratios sensitive to photoionization: Ar 0 /mately half of the metals arise in a mostly neutral velocity component with H i/H > 0:9, based on Fe þþ =Fe þ < 0:013. In contrast, the remaining half exhibit Fe þþ =Fe þ % 0:3, indicative of a(More)
STUDY QUESTION Is ovarian tissue cryopreservation using vitrification followed by in vitro activation (IVA) of dormant follicles a potential approach for infertility treatment of patients with primary ovarian insufficiency (POI)? SUMMARY ANSWER Our vitrification approach followed by IVA treatment is a potential infertility therapy for POI patients whose(More)
Heat shock protein 27 (hsp27) is expressed by squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix. Results from an earlier study by our group indicted that hsp27 may be a diagnostic marker for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) and carcinoma. p16 expression is known to be elevated in intraepithelial uterine cervical cancer and grades 2 and 3 lesions (CIN2,(More)
Brain metastases of gynecological malignancies are rare, but the incidence is increasing. Patients with brain metastases have a poor prognosis, therefore early detection and optimal management is necessary. In order to determine a new biomarker, we aimed to identify proteins that associated with brain metastases. We investigated proteins associated with(More)
PARP inhibitors are a class of promising anti-cancer drugs, with proven activity in BRCA mutant cancers. However, as with other targeted agents, treatment with PARP inhibitors generates acquired resistance within these tumors. The mechanism of this acquired resistance is poorly understood. We established cell lines that are resistant to PARP inhibitor by(More)
BACKGROUND Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration (PCD) is rarely caused by fallopian tube adenocarcinoma. CASE We present a patient with PCD and fallopian tube cancer. Anti-Yo antibody, one of an anti-neuronal antibody, was positive in serum and cerebrospinal fluid. She was also positive for HLA A24, which is common in patients with PCD. Radical surgery(More)
We report the measurement of the primordial D/H abundance ratio towards QSO HS 0105+1619. The column density of the neutral hydrogen in the z ≃ 2.536 Lyman limit system is high, log N HI = 19.422 ± 0.009 cm −2 , allowing for the deuterium to be seen in 5 Lyman series transitions. The measured value of the D/H ratio towards QSO HS 0105+1619 is found to be(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the incidence of pulmonary embolism and risk factors for this condition after obstetric and gynecologic surgery, as well as the efficacy of intermittent pneumatic compression. METHODS A total of 6,218 patients operated at Keio University Hospital excluding obstetric or infertility-related surgery and uterine cervical conization(More)