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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether or not brief bright light (BL) exposure on workday mornings can improve health, performance and safety in nurses with rapidly rotating shifts. METHODS We conducted a randomized crossover study involving registered nurses at a teaching hospital working a two-shift system including the night shift. Participants were(More)
Because poor sleep quality can reduce quality of life and increase prevalence of illness in workers, interventions are becoming increasingly important for businesses. To evaluate how sleep quality is affected by one-on-one behavioral modification when combined with group education, we conducted a randomized, controlled trial among day-shift white-collar(More)
To evaluate the effects of a combined sleep hygiene education and behavioral approach program on sleep quality in workers with insomnia, we conducted a randomized controlled trial at a design engineering unit in Japan. Employees evaluated for insomnia by the Athens Insomnia Scale (≥6 points) were divided into an intervention and control group. The(More)
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