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Developing automatable methods for proving termination of term rewrite systems that resist traditional techniques based on simplification orders has become an active research area in the past few years. The dependency pair method of Arts and Giesl is one of the most popular such methods. However, there are several obstacles that hamper its automation. In(More)
In this paper, we present a variant of the dependency pair method for analysing runtime complexities of term rewrite systems automatically. This method is easy to implement, but signicantly extends the analytic power of existing direct methods. Our ndings extend the class of TRSs whose linear or quadratic runtime complexity can be detected automatically. We(More)
First-order applicative term rewrite systems provide a natural framework for modeling higher-order aspects. In this paper we present a transformation from untyped applicative term rewrite systems to functional term rewrite systems that preserves and reflects termination. Our transformation is less restrictive than other approaches. In particular, head(More)
We present a tool for automatically proving termination of first-order rewrite systems. The tool is based on the dependency pair method of Arts and Giesl [1]. It incorporates several new ideas that make the method more efficient. The tool produces high-quality output and has a convenient web interface. If T T T succeeds in proving termination, it outputs a(More)