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Water movements, of both abiotic and biotic origin, provide a wealth of information for fishes. They detect these water movements by arrays of hydrodynamic sensors located on the surface of the body as superficial neuromasts and embedded in subdermal lateral line canals. Recently, the anatomical dichotomy between superficial and canal neuromasts has been(More)
Grassland had been interpreted with the method that combined supervised and non-supervised classifications using Landsat data in autumns 1986, 1996 and 2000. The amelioration of algorithm promoted the accuracy. With the support of RS and GIS, spatial information of grassland landscape in west Jilin province from 1986 to 2000 was extracted, spatio-temporal(More)
Structural changes of the myosin heads were correlated with mechanical events in the cross-bridge cycle by measuring fluorescence polarization signals at high time resolution from rhodamine probes bound to myosin regulatory light chains in skeletal muscle fibers. Motions of the cross-bridges were partially synchronized either by applying quick length(More)
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